Sofa bed

Bäddsoffa from Mattias Johansson on Vimeo.

So, another project got finished today. It´s a visualisation of sofa design done by an old coworker and furniture designer, Markus Hällstrand.
Modeling was done in 3DS Max and rendered with V-Ray. Comp was made with After Effects and Premiere Pro.

As a little flavour to the scene you can see a painting on the wall throughout the video. It´s a aquarelle painting made by my cousin, Tobias Liljeborg who is an artist.
Here you can have a look at more of his works.

Early version:


Ladybug project – Finished


Last night I finally finished my latest Project. It took a great deal of time when rendering for 1920×1280 resolution with lot of “render layers” for comp.
Last final effects was added in Photoshop and DOF with the excellent plug-in from Frischluft. Now I can finally get on with next project! 😛


So there were a while since I was showing off what I’m working on so I figure it’s time to update. The Ladybug is a project I’ve been working on in my sparetime for a while!

It’s not final yet but when it’s gone through some comp it should be! =)

Up The Hill


This is a website I just finished for a friend and his band. I’ts still a simple but beautiful layout I’m quite happy whith…and better up. They are too! 🙂

Have a look at their official

The new portfolio is officially released!

There it is! My new portfolio for 2013 is finished and released. It’s not optimized for old browsers but it has responsive design for desktops, tablets and mobiles instead.

Later on I’m going to add more content like a new project I’m currently working on and some photos. Until then, hope you like my new site! =)

Design changes for Portfolio 2013!

Portfolio 2013 getti´n ready!

This is the latest build of my portfolio, 1.29. It’s gone through some changes since the last draft and it’s now in ligher colors and some other changes.

But it’s starting to get to it’s final stage. all that’s left is fiddling with some more content and small adjustments.

With luck…and time I hopefully get it finished at the end of May. =)

2013 Portfolio

New portfolio design 2013


Well, now it’s been a while since I designed my current site. So now I just felt the urge of designing a new modern one. It’s been in the works for a couple of weeks and it’s starting to come together. With this design I’m going for a more Clean and personal look with responsive design.
This is the first of drafts to come of the new look and it will certainly change.

What do you Think?

Game environment

This is a sample from a “WIP” of an environment I’ve been working on for the oak model.
When it’s complete I will optimize it(remesh) as a game environment.

Updated site to ver. 2.5

I made a few updates to the site last week that got live today. Among the changes added are…
– A news slider I made with Ajax UI and some JQuery.
– The demon scuplt was added to project and gallery.
– A new version of the header background with a swamp tree I’ve been sculpting on in ZBrush.

I’m beginning to feel that the site is finally close to completion…yeeey!! 🙂

Have a look and feel free to comment!

Finished the Demon sculpture

Here’s the final result of the demon sculpt. I finished it a couple of weeks ago so I figure it’s time to put it up, enjoy! 😛

This piece was solely sculpted and rendered in ZBrush!

New sculpt in progress!

Now when the vitals of the portfolio is done I got more time for the fun stuff 😛

I started scupling on a new demon character without any reference. I’m just playing around with some favorite tools and brushes and see what comes out.

Here’s a taste!